Fingerboard Skateparks

So, you’ve got a fingerboard. You’ve been practicing your tricks on objects around the house, and now you feel like it’s time to take it to the next level. Where do you go from here? Whether you’re a serious competitor or just a hobbyist, you’ve got to equip yourself with the proper gear to really develop your skills, and fingerboard in style. This is where professionally designed fingerboard skateparks come into play.

If you’ve owned a Tech Deck before, then you’re familiar with trips to the store and seeing some pretty awesome setups that looked like miniature versions of a real skatepark. Well, we’re talking about the exact same thing here; let’s start by with the purpose of these miniature skateparks and define the two types of competitions involved in Fingerboarding events.

Tech Deck 96mm

Tech Deck 96mm

Types of Competiton for Fingerboarders

The two types of competitions available to fingerboards are Skate competitions and Fingerboard competitions. Skate competitions involve playing a game of skate, and the player who is the last one standing wins. Fingerboard competitions involve players performing different tricks, followed by judging and scoring of each round. Whichever player has the highest score at the end of the last round is declared the winner.

While the competitions don’t necessarily have to use a complicated skatepark setup (they can take place on a flat surface), using a miniature skatepark can simulate real conditions, and make the competition more entertaining for competitors and viewers alike.

Common Features of  Skate Park SetUp

Common features include ledges, rails, and ramps of varying inclines and heights to allow for more complicated tricks to be performed to earn yourself a higher score each round. Some retailers sell them to be customizable, so you can pull apart components and combine them, almost like LEGOs, to make your skatepark as simple or as complicated as you’d like. Generally, this is what most fingerboarders do, but there are some competitors who create their own skateparks using different materials, such as wood or even concrete, to provide for maximum customizability.

Check out these two links to some cool videos that show customized skateparks in use at competitions before reading on! Our friends over at Tech Deck and Finga are sporting an amazing lineup



As you can see in the videos, those skateparks are sweet, but how does an average hobbyist construct their own skatepark without needing a construction permit? If you are a beginner, we recommend you buy skateparks that come with premade pieces that you can then just assemble and start grinding immediately before moving on to the bigger, more complicated setups. We’ve tested and reviewed products from four companies to aid you in making your decision of buying your first skatepark.

Best Options for Fingerboard Skateparks

  1. Eight-piece set by Kids dream

8pc Skate Park

Eight Piece Skate Park

First up is an eight-piece set by Kids dream. Not only do you get various ramps, rails, and stairways, you also get three fingerboards thrown in to be able to start right away. It comes with three sets of stairs and rails, two platforms, and one incline ramp/wall ramp combination piece. It’s sold on Amazon for a cool $29.99.


Hex Bug Skate Park

Hex Bug Fingerboard Skate Park

Next up, we’ve got a setup from HEXBUG, and this one really blew our minds. This specific setup we’ve chosen is Tony Hawk themed and consists of 1 Roll in Ramp, 2 Quarter Pipes, 1 Stairs Ramp with 2 Rails, 1 Inner Bowl, 1 Outer Bowl, and 3 Half Boxes. When you buy this set, you get one of the Rarest Fingerboard decks in the Tony Hawk line, along with two ways to skate: traditional style, with your fingers, or you can even control your fingerboard with a remote and power it electronically by attaching a special axle. Now, this is a sweet product, and the price reflects that at $194.00. This is a top of the line setup.

3. Circuit Boards branded Circuit Bowl Playset

Circuit Boards Tony Hawk Circuit Bowl Playset

Circuit Boards Tony Hawk Circuit Bowl Playset

We’ve got another Tony Hawk product here with the Circuit Boards branded Circuit Bowl Playset, also available on Amazon for $179.99. This one’s battery operated and allows you to practice your tricks in a circular bowl, as well as other attachable components such as 3 Ramps, a rail, 4 Platform pieces, and, of course, the giant bowl. This one is remote controlled, just like the last one, where you can either attach a special axle to your fingerboard, or use it traditional style. Oh, we also forgot to mention, you get a sweet Tony Hawk Birdhouse Deck with your purchase!


We’ve got one more sweet setup for you. Our buddies over at Filthy Ramps make high quality and top of the line ramps, some of the best on the market! They are ultra-realistic and constructed out of wood, all at a reasonable price. We encourage you to check out their site linked below and look at some of their rails, ramps, and stair sets and see if any of them interest you. For a price comparison, one of their ramps sells for $36.95, and comes with fake plants for customization. It is more expensive than the Kidsdream, but it’s made out of durable materials.

Fingerboard skateparks

Filthy Fingerboard Ramps

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