The $150 Fingerboard Setup

The $150 Fingerboard Setup

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While you may want to buy the most expensive and advanced setup for your fingerboard, we highly advise against it, particularly if you’ve been fingerboarding for less than a year. At this point, you don’t know how serious you might be about the hobby in general, and that’s okay. We’re just saying, put some time in before you splurge. In this article., we will be reviewing a decent fingerboard setup that you can assemble for around $150, in the event you are ready to go pro

First, why bother buying an expensive setup? In general, the more expensive your components, the higher quality the components will be, meaning the parts will last longer. Also, higher quality materials mean that your fingerboard tricks will have more “pop”, and your wheels will spin slightly better.

There are some cons to this, first and foremost that some setups can be VERY expensive, costing hundreds of dollars. For the most part, decks and their components that are less expensive can be just as good. The advantage we’re talking about is probably very slight, only a fraction or so. SO, in our opinion, super expensive setups are usually not worth the money involved.

#1 Prep Graphic Board at 32mm

My opinion of a fingerboard preference is to go with the Prep Graphic Board at 32 mm. In addition to cool visuals, the deck also sports nice trucks and wheels, but you need to clean it regularly (as you should with every deck). For my readers, I’m going to recommend a Berlin Wood TKY Wide shaped 32mm deck. Starting at $49, this bad boy has great graphics, shape, and a decent size for tricks and positioning.

Best Fingerboards Online
This is one of the most reputable fingerboard companies around, and their decks are considered bestsellers among hobbyists.

#2 Yellow Tiffany Gold X4 32mm Series Y

Yellow Tiffany Gold X4 32mm Series Y

Yellow Tiffany Gold X4 32mm Series Y

Now, on to trucks. Trucks are trucks, as long as the specific truck you are considering has decent reviews, it should be good. Ask yourself, can the wheels roll? If so, great, then the truck does its job. What I’d recommend for you would be the Yellowood Tiffanygold X4 32mm Series Y Trucks at around $58.00. While expensive, these are probably the best trucks you can get for your money.

#3 Oak FF Red/Acid Green wheels

Oak FF Red

Oak FF Red

My recommendation for wheels will be the Oak FF Red/Acid Green wheels. Made of polyurethane, they’ve got an iron grip just like a real wheel. These are good wheels and they’re able to grip the surface, sound natural, and roll like a dream. Check them out for around $52.00 at the link:

If you take my advice and buy all the products listed above, it should come out to just over $150. Not bad, but keep in mind that this is just for ONE ITEM. For this reason, I don’t recommend buying this if you are a beginner. There are many more affordable options, based on your budget. However, if you consider yourself an advanced practitioner, then go for it.

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