Beginners Guide Finger Board Set up

Beginners Guide Finger Board Set up

So, we’ve covered the advanced setup, and now it’s time to cover the beginner’s setup. Beginners are usually on a budget, so we’ve got to get you set up with some affordable gear. The great news is that the more finger board  set up can usually give you the same results as the more expensive gear.

#1- Tech Deck 96mm for Beginner’s Finger Board Set Up

If you’re just starting out on a fingerboard, Tech Decks are probably the way to go. You can find them in pretty much every department store, and they offer advantages such as being inexpensive, widely accessible, and they boast models named after real skateboard brands which increase realism of your purchase.

However, Tech Decks are made of plastic, which eliminates some performance ability, decreasing jump ability, turning capability, and some parts can break very easily. The accessories such as trucks and grip tape can be made from subpar quality, and the deck is overall considered to be on the smaller side. They are, however, great beginner boards, so feel free to check out the options at the website.

Tech Deck 96mm

Tech Deck 96mm


#2 – P-Rep Complete Finger Board

One step up from a Tech Deck, we have what I would call an all-around balanced board. This specific model I have in mind works for all skill levels, and it is my personal favorite. Meet the P-Rep Complete fingerboard. At 30 mm in size, it comes with pre-cut grip tape, so all you have to do is stick it on and go. The tape is made from foam, which provides more grip and less slipping compared to the Tech Deck brand.

Additionally, the deck on this one is made from wood, so jumping abilities are increased, and the trucks do not break easily and give you a smooth ride as well as a nice turn radius. Compared to the Tech Deck, this board has more of a concave design for flipping purposes and also boasts a bigger size, which means more room for your fingers. The P-Rep is still inexpensive, but it does need to be cleaned regularly to prevent the bearings from clogging up with debris.

Lastly, the wheels need to be watched closely, as they are made of plastic and can sometimes not grip as easily and may even break.

P-Rep Starter

P-REP Starter Complete Wooden Fingerboard 30mm – Red

A. P-Rep Fingerprint

There are two other variations of the P-Rep that I Want to cover for you.  Many finger boarders prefer P-Rep Fingerprint. This has the less concave meaning less flipping ability.  The wheels on this one are also stronger than the P-Rep Complete. It has graphics on the underside of the board for visual appeal. It is more expensive, but the high-quality wheels make up for it. Many people may also not like the reduced concave deck mold.

P-Rep Fingerprint

B.33.5mm P-Rep Board

The last P-Rep variation I have for you is the 33.5mm P-Rep board. It is wider than the other two models and more or less the same as the Fingerprint model discussed above. If you have larger fingers, you probably want this deck so your finger can fit on the board. You can specify the size on the purchase of these models through the link above. It is currently unavailable and out of stock.

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