6 Incredible Finger Boarding Tricks

6 Incredible Finger Boarding Tricks

You have mastered the basic finger boarding tricks, and you can even perform some more advanced tricks like a switch flip and a varial kickflip. However, there are hundreds of more tricks you can master. Here are 6 incredible finger boarding tricks for you to practice.

#1 – Hardflip

The hardflip is similar to a shove-it but requires the board to be rotated 180 degrees vertical instead of horizontal. To perform this trick, start the same as you would a kickflip, but also tilt your wrist down, so the board makes a half rotation as well.

#2 – Tre Flip (360 Flip)

The 360 flip, also known as the tre flip, is the combination of a kickflip and a 360 shove-it. To perform this trick, you must complete a kickflip while at the same time spinning your board around one full rotation. Use your rear finger to push the tail of the board to start a kickflip while sweeping your back finger toward you to spin the board around.

#3 – Switch 360 Inward Heelflip

The switch 360 inward heelflips is best performed after mastering the switch inward heelflip and switch heel. Start by riding the board switch, or goofy, where your index finger is on the tail and middle finger in the center of the board. Pop your index finger down while scooping like a 360 flip while also flicking your wrist upward and outward.

#4 – The Impossible

The impossible is similar to 360 shove-it. However, this trick requires you to flip the board 360 degrees backward. You can envision this trick as backflipping your fingerboard. Use your back finger to pop the tail down. Instead of catching the board with your front finger as you would for a kickflip, you use your rear finger to scoop the board toward you to control the rotation and complete a full flip.

#5 – Double Kickflip

The double kickflip (and eventually triple kickflip) is a trick that seems easy enough after you master a single kickflip. However, the most significant part of a successful double kickflip is the control of your fingers. To perform this trick, you must pop the tail of your board down faster while catching or tapping the board harder with your front finger. The push of your back finger on the tail controls the height while the push of your front finger on the front inside part of the board controls the spin. To land this trick, you must have perfect control of both fingers.

#6 – Switch Backside Double Flip

To break this trick down, you can also call it a switch backside 180 double kickflips. Start by mastering the backside flip, which is a combination of a backside 180 and a kickflip. The first difference in this trick is that you ride switch, or goofy. The final difference and addition to the switch backside double flip are that you must perform a double kickflip. Performing a double kickflip with the addition of a backside 180 makes this one of the most challenging tricks to master.


If you want to make any of these incredible fingerboarding tricks even more complicated, consider doing them switch, adding extra rotations of the board for a 180, 360, or 540, or landing them on a rail for a grind. You can perform one trick onto a grind rail, then finishing by performing an additional trick before landing. Enjoy the time it will take to master these incredible fingerboarding tricks.

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