Fingerboarding is on The Rise During COVID-19

Fingerboarding is on The Rise During COVID-19

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One of the toughest parts of the COVID-19 pandemic is the fact that we’ve all had to make sacrifices with our jobs, seeing family, and our hobbies. Stores are closed, parks are closed, and in general, people are reluctantly stuck outside, unable to do much, leading them to seek activities that can be done indoors, to replace social gatherings. People have been looking to learn new things that are engaging and entertaining, and luckily, the fingerboard is both. It’s no surprise to us when we hear that fingerboarding is indeed on the rise while people are quarantined away in their homes.

Skateboarders have been forced out of the skateparks, which are mostly now closed as of this writing, and unable to practice their skills in an environment where they can legally grind on rails and ledges and ride around in empty swimming pools. Luckily for them, fingerboarding isn’t that much of a stretch from the real thing.

Even if you’re unable to get to the store and purchase fingerboard kits due to delays in production and shipping, there are still easy ways for you to practice your fingerboard tricks around the house. This, folks, is Fingerboarding: QUARANTINE EDITION!

Items you need for Fingerboarding during COVID 19 quarantine

There are a couple of cool items you can use as obstacles that you might readily have around the house due to COVID-19, the first being a can of disinfectant spray. It’s a metal cylindrical object, and it rolls. If you were to, say, ollie up onto the can and apply pressure, the can would roll forward, leaving you able to ollie off of the moving can back onto the surface. Another option would be for you to use a bottle of hydrogen peroxide as a sort of platform/ledge combination for jumping on and off of with the fingerboard.

Really any item you have at your disposal can be utilized as a part of an obstacle course, and you can easily make these homemade courses as simple or as complex as you desire. Try using a wide salad bowl to mimic an empty swimming pool, or a pencil hanging off of a surface, but taped down, to simulate a rail. You can use old books at different angles for ramps, and prop them up against walls or furniture for maximum effect.

Let’s take a look at what people are doing with fingerboarding during quarantine!

Check this youtube link, you can get a glimpse of the relatively simple setup, cat included:

All that’s required is a table and the obstacle course and a camera. If you’re looking to post your performances online. The user has a pretty expensive setup, but it doesn’t have to look like that. You can use household objects and achieve the same effect.

Take a look at this kid using a combination of store-bought equipment and kitchen items!


Lastly, this rider uses various household objects (like a stapler), and even demonstrates tricks using items like a Lysol can and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide!

Just because you’re quarantined doesn’t mean that you have to be bored. Go online, grab a fingerboard, and start building that course! It’s easy!

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