Top 10 Fingerboarders on YouTube

Top 10 Fingerboarders on YouTube

Are you looking for a bit of inspiration? Maybe you want to check out the competition! Or maybe you just want to imitate what other riders are doing to get sponsored

Either way, we got you covered. It’s time to take a look at the top 10 fingerboards on YouTube.

#1 Zuduffin

Zuduffin does a lot of product reviews in which he demonstrates his unique style of riding. He does unboxings of boards, trick videos, and dangerous stunts, along with comparing fingerboard parts at different price points and of different quality.

YouTube: Zuduffin


#2 Benhashdulac

This guy does a lot of exploring, which he calls his Fingerboard Adventures. HE travels to outdoor locations and films sessions in areas like amphitheaters, construction sites, and parks. Worth checking out if you like skateboarding montage videos with cool music!

YouTube : Benhashdulac

#3 DURandFB

Devise Fingerboards uploads videos of sessions recorded at their retail stores. You can also see riders that have been sponsored by them in some of the videos.

Youtube : DURandFB 

#4 FBfingaz

If you’re into fingerboard unboxing videos, this channel is for you. Lots of different brands to see here as well as a review of the different performance levels of each board. Worth a look!

YouTube : FBfingaz


#5 Charlie Buzzard

Mr. Buzzard here does unboxing reviews for boards as well as obstacles. You’ll find a wide variety of brands here, as well as information about sponsor packs that companies send him!

YouTube : Charlie Buzzard


#6 Onkel Urban

This dude does interviews with pro fingerboarders and picks their brain. If you want to know how a pro fingerboarder thinks, visit this man’s channel and check through his playlists.

YouTube: Onkel Urban


#7 Flying Fingers

On this channel, you’ll find unboxings of boards and obstacles as well are store session recordings and some skate videos.

YouTube:  Flying Fingers


#8 Stezy Fingers

Mr. Fingers hosts unboxings, interviews, and posts music edits of his sessions! Definitely worth a look because of the professional quality of his videos!

YouTube:  Stezy Fingers



#9 Kelsey Fingerboards

This female rider hosts interviews, does unboxings, session videos, talks about social media strategies, gives you tips, tricks, and strategies, as well as teaches you the ins and outs of the industry. A great starting point!

YouTube : Kelsey Fingerboards


#10 Kalye Decks

This channel does cost comparisons of setups and boards, teaches you how to setup a fingerboard, exhibits collections, and hosts question and answer sessions about their products. Overall, a great way to get started learning about what to buy.

YouTube: Kalye Decks


It is extremely easy to search YouTube and find channels of riders who post videos, but the names above all showed up in the same lists consistently. I recommend that you watch them, take not of their personalities, analyze their video edits and video quality, and check out their products and social media. If your goal is to be sponsored, then this is how you can achieve that. Get yourself a good board, check out the how-to videos, and see what a session looks like. Maybe it’s possible for you to organize one of your own and share your expertise. Either way, you’re in for a whole bunch of entertainment with this motley crew we’ve shown you today. Have fun!

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