Fingerboard Sponsor

We offer riders and brands a variety of fingerboarding sponsorship opportunities. Keep reading to find out what we provide.

For riders:

If you are a fingerboard pro or looking to go pro, contact us for sponsorship opportunities. We can sponsor you as a rider or as a fingerboarding content creator in a variety of ways. You can receive free fingerboards and be sponsored by Fingerboarding.com!

Ask us about getting sponsored and becoming a team rider, and you can also send us your videos and other fingerboarding content to have your content featured on our website and social platforms.

For brands:

If you have a fingerboarding brand and want to promote it, we provide a variety of sponsorship opportunities. Promote your brand with us by advertising on Fingerboarding.com – we have fingerboarding enthusiasts, riders, hobbyists, and professionals browsing our site every day. There are countless opportunities for brand recognition, brand awareness, and targeted advertising to exactly who you want your brand in front of.

If you are interested in a sponsorship opportunity, contact us and tell us more about you or your brand. You can also use our contact page to ask us more questions.