How To 720 Flip A Fingerboard

Once you’ve got the 540 flip down, it’s time to keep tacking on rotations. The 720 is essentially the same trick, you just need to huck it a little harder.

This is the same as a 540 flip, but done with a little more pepper. Flick the board with your middle finger and allow it to rotate two full times before catching and riding away.

To go 720, make sure you’ve mastered the 360 flip and the 540 flip.

Step 1: Finger Placement

Finger positioning here is the same as it is for a 540 flip. If you’re doing the trick on a ramp, come up the wall on a slight angle. Position your arm, wrist, and hand such that they’re all straight and lined up with the ramp.

Step 2: Popping The Trick

Pop the trick just as you would a 540 flip, but harder. You’ll need the board to spin more.

Step 3: Catching The Board And Landing

Follow the arc of the board through the air with your hand. Watch for the 540, and then let it rotate one final 180 before catching the bolts and stomping it down.

Final Thoughts

These “spin flip” tricks are essentially all the same. Much like in skating, to get more rotations you’ll need to go faster and huck harder.