How To Pop Shove-It A Fingerboard

Once you’ve mastered the shove-it, the next level of progression is the pop shove-it.

The pop shove-it is the same trick as the shove it, but literally with more pop.  Pop the board harder for more height under the board as it spins beneath your fingers.

Follow the steps below to learn to add height to your shove-its.

Step 1: Finger Positioning

The finger positioning for the pop shove-it is actually slightly different than it is for the shove-it.  The difference is in where you place your front finger.  Instead of in the middle of the deck, place it over the front bolts, or at least closer to them. Your back finger will remain over the tip of the tail.

Step 2: Popping The Trick

Pop this trick as hard as you’d pop an ollie, and use your back finger to initiate the spin of the board, same as you would for a shove-it.

Step 3: Leveling Out

Since you popped the board harder, you’ll have to use your front finger to level it out.  On a regular shove-it, you’d move your front finger out of the way.  But on a pop shove it, let the nose of the board catch on your front finger as it spins.  This will level out the tail.

Step 4: Catching The Board And Landing

Watch as the board spins and levels out under your fingers.  With enough practice, you’ll have the board leveling it just at the same time it finishes spinning 180.  At this point, catch it with your fingers and stomp the trick.

Final Thoughts

Shove-its are fun and easy tricks to learn, but learning the pop shove-it will allow you to take your fingerboarding to new heights, literally.  You’ll be able to clear obstacles and do shove-its onto rails and ledges.