How To Shove It

The shove it is one of the only fingerboarding tricks that you can learn without even knowing how to ollie or nollie, and it is truly the easiest and most fundamental trick you can learn. Besides being so easy to master (with practice), it also looks really cool and feels rewarding for beginner fingerboarders. Keep reading to learn how to shove it (shuvit) and pop shove it (pop shuvit) on a fingerboard.

Step 1: Finger placement

Put your back finger (middle finger) on the edge of the tail of the board and your front finger (index finger) anywhere in the middle of the board. Every fingerboarder has a slightly different position of their front finger, so try a few different placements to find what is comfortable for you.

Step 2: Popping the board

Different from an ollie, nollie, and kickflip, you are specifically only using your back finger for this trick. You don’t need to use your front finger to control, catch, or spin the board. Pop the tail of the board down with your back finger to start the trick.

Step 3: Scooping the board

Popping the tail of your board down will cause the board to pop up off the ground. To perform a shove-it, the board needs to spin around one half rotation or 180 degrees. To do this, as you pop the tail down, scoop or slide the tail of the board with your back finger toward you. This will cause the board to spin around in the air.

Step 4: Landing the trick

To land the trick, you don’t need to use your front finger to control the board in the air. As the board is completing one half spin around, land the trick by quickly placing both of fingers back on the board at the same time.

Final thoughts

The key takeaway is controlling the spin of the board with the simple motion of your back finger. How hard you pop the tail down will determine how high the board gets lifted off the ground, and how fast you scoop the tail toward you during this same motion will determine the spin of the board. Practice this motion until you have the muscle memory that allows you to land this trick every time.

Like a shuvit, a pop shuvit is the same, except you are popping the board down harder to get the board to rise higher in the air. There is no exact distance that your board needs to travel in the air to determine a pop shove it from a regular shove it, but a good way to tell is if you feel a slight pause while the board is in the air. Shoot for one or more inches off the ground to perform the pop shove-it.