How To Hardflip Rewind On A Fingerboard

A hardflip rewind is the combination of a hardflip and a backside revert right when you land. If you already have hardflips down, you can add some style by reverting when you land.

Pop a hardflip. As the board is in the air position your wrist the same as you would initiate a backside 180. Right when you land, turn your hand away from your body to revert.

It’s helpful to know backside 180’s before doing this trick as well. If you have hardflips and back 1’s down, follow these steps and you should be able to get the hardflip rewind.

Step 1: Finger Positioning

Finger positioning is the same as it is for the hardflip

Step 2: Popping The Trick

Again, this will be the same as with the hardflip. Press the tail down with your middle finger to pop the board into the air, and use your index finger to flick the nose down and towards you to initiate the flip and frontside shove it spin.

Step 3: Catching The Board

As the board spins beneath your hand, start to turn your wrist away from you as if you’re doing a backside 180. Keep your fingers over the board though so you can catch it when it’s done with the flip.
Step 4: Landing And Rewind
Place your fingers on the deck once it comes around. Immediately after stomping it down, turn your wrist and revert your fingers to add the rewind. Ride away switch the same way you would as if you just landed a back 1.

Final Thoughts

What’s tricky on this one is wrist positioning. It will take some time and practice to figure out what works for you. The idea is to turn your wrist so that all you have to do when you land is quickly revert your fingers. (think of a shifty in normal skating terms)