How To Varial Heelflip

A varial heelflip is a combination between a pop shuvit and a heelflip. In order to perform this trick, you need to be able to land both a heelflip and a pop shove it successfully. To perform a varial heelflip, your fingerboard needs to rotate 180 degrees or one-half turn while also flipping one full time away from you. Here’s how to varial heelflip on a fingerboard.

Step 1: Finger placement

Like a heelflip and a pop shove it, the varial heelflip requires you to place your back finger (middle finger) on the tail of the board and your front finger (index finger) just behind the front four screws.

Step 2: Popping the board

The trick begins like a pop shove it, in which you pop the tail of your board straight down to cause the board to lift up into the air.

Step 3: Flipping and scooping the board

Popping the tail is the easy part. The challenging part comes when you have to both flip and scoop the board simultaneously. Like a pop shove it, you will slightly scoop the tail of the board toward you with your back finger after popping the tail down. However, you will also be sliding and flicking the nose of your board downward at the point of the nose that is furthest from you, which will cause the board to spin away from you. Because the board is rotating a half turn or 180 degrees, it will appear that the board is spinning towards you, but the board would be spinning away from you without the pop shuvit scoop.

Step 4: Landing the trick

Once the board has completed one full spin away from you and one-half rotation, catch the board with both of your fingers on the grip to land the trick on all four wheels.

Final thoughts

The most challenging part of this trick is learning how to simultaneously scoop the tail of the board with your back finger like a pop shove it as well as flicking the nose of the board with your front finger like a heelflip. It might take a number of times before you master this trick, so keep practicing until you can perform this trick every time.

If you are having trouble with this trick, try adjusting the placement of your front finger more towards the center of the board, as some find this trick easier to perform. Once you’re able to land this trick easily, you can adjust your front finger back to the normal placement so that you can perform many tricks with the same finger positioning.