How To Shove-it Underflip On A Fingerboard

A shove-it underflip is a pop shove-it that you flip with your back finger right before catching it.

Pop the board the same as you would a pop shove-it. Hold your back (middle) finger curled back while the board spins. After it’s spun 180, flick the bottom of the deck with your middle finger to flip it.

To do this trick it’ll help to have pop shove-its and kickflip underflips down.

Step 1: Finger Positioning

The finger positioning for this trick will be the same as a shove-it and a pop shove-it.

Step 2: Popping The Trick

Pop the trick just the same as you do a pop-shove it. Press your middle finger down and scoop it back to spin the board.

Step 3: Flick The Underflip

Here’s the big difference. After popping the shove it, keep your middle finger curled up and under your hand. Watch the board spin 180, and once it does, flick the bottom of the deck in the middle of the heelside rail to flip it.

Step 4: Catching The Board And Landing

Now hold both fingers above the deck as you watch it flip. Catching it should feel the same as catching a heelflip.

Final Thoughts

When popping the shove-it, it helps to turn your wrist so that your hand is vertical. This allows you to hold your pointer finger out of the way until it’s time to catch the board.