How To One Wheel Ollie On A Fingerboard

Yes, this is a trick where you ollie off of one of your back wheels.  No this is not a tutorial on how to ollie a OneWheel… Which I think is impossible.

Press down on one pocket of the tail to get the board up on one of the back wheels. From that position, perform an ollie by going through the same motion of a regular ollie.

This trick takes some practice and finesse to learn, but adds a bit of style to your regular ollies. Let’s get right into the steps, it’s a pretty straightforward trick.

Step 1: Finger Positioning

Position your fingers as if you were doing an ollie, only move your middle finger towards one side of the tail.  Start rolling, and press down in that tail pocket so that the board comes up into a tail manual on one of the back wheels.

Step 2: Pop The Ollie

From that manual, pop the tail down and ollie like normal.

Step 3: Level Out And Land

Slide your index finger up the deck and push it forward to level out. From here, landing is the same as a regular ollie. You can add some more style by landing back on one wheel. In this case, place your middle finger off to whichever side you want to land on. Put pressure in the tail pocket right when you land.

Final Thoughts

It may be slightly easier for you to pop this off the wheel farthest from your body when first learning this. It’s easier to get leverage to pop from that position than it is if you are up on the wheel closest to you.