How To Fakie Ollie A Fingerboard

The fakie ollie is essentially the same trick as the ollie, some may argue it’s a little easier.

The finger placement and mechanics of a fakie ollie are the same as the ollie, only you’ll be rolling in the opposite direction.  Roll the board such that your index finger is the back finger, and place it over the middle of the deck. Pop the board with your middle finger, and level it out with your index finger.   

The only difference is the direction the board is rolling.  By now you should’ve mastered the ollie.  If you have, read on and you’ll have no problem adding the fakie ollie to your bag of tricks.

Step 1: Finger placement

Position your middle finger over the tail of the board, and your pointer finger in the center.  This is the same finger placement as the ollie.  For a better understanding of fakie stance vs. regular, consider the four stances of skateboarding. They are the same for fingerboarding.

Step 2: Popping the board

This is where the fakie ollie differs.  Instead of rolling the board forward, you’ll roll it back.  So now the tail of your board and your middle finger are the ”front.”  This is riding fakie, the actual popping motion is the same as the ollie.  Pop the tail down with your middle finger, and level it out with your pointer finger.

Step 3: Keeping your fingers on the board

You may find this slightly easier when doing the fakie ollie than the regular ollie.  This is because you have the momentum of the roll working in your favor.  If you give the board a good pop, it will want to flip end over end in the direction you’re rolling.  All you need to do is move your wrist with it and essentially catch it.  For stylish fakie oillies you can make this catch at some point after the board has passed the 90 degree mark.

Step 4: Landing the trick

Now that you’ve popped it up and turned your wrist to catch it at 90 degrees, all you need to do to land it is make a gentle arc with your wrist to level the board out and guide it back to the ground.

Final thoughts

The fakie ollie is arguably easier to learn than the ollie.  So if you have ollies down, this trick will come naturally to you.  If you haven’t mastered the ollie, though, you may have an easier time starting with the fakie ollie first.