How To Double Kickflip

You’ve mastered the kickflip, time to take it to the next level with a double flip.

The double kickflip is essentially the same as a kickflip.  To get the board to flip twice, though, it requires more pop.

As you read on you’ll find how similar it is to the kickflip. The steps below outline how to do this technical trick.

Step 1: Finger Positioning

Make sure you’re familiar with the regular kickflip, as the finger positioning will be exactly the same.

Step 2: Popping The Flip

This is where the trick differs, and you may have accidentally done one already while practicing regular kickflips.  You still pop the board with your middle finger, and flick it with your index finger.  Really the only difference is that you do the same motion, but harder.  Apply more pressure to the board when popping it up with your index finger, and be a bit more aggressive with the flick of the index finger.

Step 3: Catching The Board And Landing

The board needs to flip twice, so give it room to do so.  Since you’re popping it harder, you’ll have to pull your hand up and hold your fingers back a little while longer.  Watch the deck as it flips, when you see the grip tape come around a second time, catch it with both fingers over the bolts and stomp it down.

Final Thoughts

While this trick requires a bit more pressure to pop it higher, there is still a level of finesse involved.  Don’t just incredible Hulk it.  If you’re struggling to get the double kickflip, go back and practice your regular kickflips.  Try popping those a bit higher first, once you get the hang of that, then add the extra pepper to your index finger flick for an additional flip.