How To Kickflip

The kickflip is one of the most sought-after fingerboarding tricks to learn and is also one of the most popular tricks to master. Before learning how to kickflip a fingerboard, you should master the ollie and be able to land a shove it. While the kickflip is one of the most popular tricks, it isn’t the easiest to master and will take some time to learn.

Follow the steps below to learn how to kickflip a fingerboard.

Step 1: Finger placement

Put your back finger (commonly the middle finger) on the tail of the board and your front finger (commonly the pointer finger) just behind the front four screws that attaches the board to the trucks.

Step 2: Popping the board

Roll the fingerboard forward, and pop the tail of the board down with your back finger to cause the board to pop up off the surface.

Step 3: Flipping the board

As the board comes up off the surface by popping the tail down, slide your front finger towards the nose of the board closest to you while slightly flicking your finger down as your finger reaches the nose to cause the board to begin flipping toward you.

Step 4: Landing the trick

Keep your fingers above the board as it spins. Just as the board makes one full rotation, catch the board with your fingers on the top grip side of the board to stop it from rotating any further, and land the trick with both fingers on the board.

Final thoughts

The key way to master this trick is your front finger sliding to the nose to cause the initial rotation. It can take many tries before you successfully land a kickflip, so keep practicing. When you finally land this trick, try to remember how much you slide and flick your front finger. Eventually, your muscle memory will allow you to land this trick on every attempt.