How To Double Hardflip On A Fingerboard

Also known as a double back or a 360 hardflip, this is a pretty technical trick. The board flips 360 degrees end-over-end while flipping on its axis (kickflip) twice… gnarly.

Doing a double hardflip is the same motion as a regular hardflip, just with more pop and a harder flick.

Check out the breakdown below, and it’s helpful to have hardflips down before jumping into the double.

Step 1: Finger Positioning

Finger positioning is pretty much the same as it is for a hardflip  You may want to put your index finger farther back since you’ll need more air.

Step 2: Popping The Trick

Be sure to pop the tail down hard with your middle finger, hard enough to get the deck to do a complete backflip. As the board pops up, you want to avoid really sliding your finger up the deck too much, because you don’t want to level out the deck. Rather, as the deck comes to vertical, flick the heel side of the nose with your index finger. To start the kickflip motion.

This is the same motion as it is for a hardflip but you will want to snap the tail and flick the nose harder to get the double spin.

Step 3: Catching The Board And Landing

Keep your fingers high as the board will need a lot of room to go through its motion. Watch for the deck to come around and stomp your fingers down on the bolts.

Final Thoughts

Flicking the nose with your index finger is the toughest part here. You don’t want to flick it out forward too much, as that will stop the board from flipping end-over-end. Focus on flicking towards your body. It may help to turn your entire wrist when doing this.