How To 360 Shove-It

The 360 shove-it is essentially the same as a shove-it, but as the name implies, the board will spin 360 instead of 180.

Use the same motion as the shove-it to perform this trick, only flick it a little harder with your middle finger.

This trick is very similar to the shove-it, but with some subtle differences. Read through the steps below to see what’s different.

Step 1: Finger Placement

Place your front finger somewhere over the middle of the deck, just a bit forward towards the front bolts.  Your middle finger should be placed similarly to the pop shove-it, over the tail, and slightly off to the side.

Step 2: Pop The Trick

The motion of this trick is similar to the regular shove it.  Be sure not to pop the board too much or you’ll end up doing a 360 flip. Not cool unless you’re trying to do one on purpose.  Flick your middle finger back towards your palm to slightly pop the board and initiate the spin.  Pull your front (index) finger up to keep it out o the way.

Step 3: Catch The Board And Land

Hold your index finger over the board as it spins while bringing your middle finger up over the board as well.  Allow the board to spin 360 degrees and then place your fingers down on the deck to stomp it.

Final Thoughts

If you can’t help but accidentally do a 360 flip instead of a 360 shove-it, it’s likely because you are popping the board too much.  It’s hard to get much height with this trick unless you are sending it off a ramp or ledge.