How To Wallie On A Fingerboard

A wallie is a steezy variation of the ollie where you basically ollie up a wall feature. On a fingerboard, you may actually find it easier than a regular ollie.

Approach the wallride feature with some speed. Pop the tail down so that the front wheels hit the wall and bounce back/up. Ride up and off the wall as if it was a ramp, and level out your ollie.

To learn it, get yourself a wallride feature and follow these steps.

Step 1: Finger Placement

Finger placement is the same as it is for an ollie. Middle finger over tail, index finger over the middle of the deck.

Step 2: Popping The Trick

It will take some practice to get the timing. As you approach the wall, pop the tail down just in time for the front wheels to hit the wall. As they bounce off of it, carry your hand up and through the arc of a normal ollie. If the feature works right, you can use it as sort of a ramp and this might make it a bit easier to get your board in the air.

Step 3: Leveling Out and Landing

After bouncing up off the wall, arc your wrist to level out the same way you would an ollie.

Final Thoughts

Wallies can be done on a number of features. The easiest way to learn will probably be on a feature that has a bank up to a wall.