How To Triple Kickflip A Fingerboard

You’ve mastered the double kickflip, ready to add another flip?.

The triple kickflip is essentially the same as a double kickflip which is essentially the same as a kickflip.  You get the picture: even more pop.

By now you should have double kickflips on lock.  Read on to see how straightforward advancing to the triple is.

Step 1: Finger Positioning

Finger positioning is the same as the double kickflip, which is the same as the kickflip. Index finger in the middle of the deck, middle finger on the tail.

Step 2: Popping The Flip

You guessed it, this is the same motion as the double kickflip, but harder still.  However, you may be able to get a third flip in with the same amount of pop as long as you flick it harder with your index finger.  Think of it this way: the higher you pop, the softer you can flick… while the lower you pop, the harder you’ll need to flick.

Step 3: Catching The Board And Landing

The key to the triple flip is simply allowing the board time to flip three whole times.  You’ve popped it high enough, you’ve flicked it hard enough, now just hold your hand back with your fingers over the board and let it rotate.

Watch the board as it flips.  Since you’re waiting for it to flip three times, you’ll probably need to catch it lower in the arc.

Final Thoughts

If you do get a really good flick, you’re board may flip very quickly.  You can either let it go and see if you get a fourth, or catch it high in the arc.  Either way is impressive, but catching the triple flip high is a sign of a bit more board control.

The video below only teaches regular kickflips, but around 2:00 he talks about over flipping and catching, which relates to double and triple flips.