How To Shove-It Rewind On A Fingerboard

If you can already shove-it, then try adding a little flare to it with a rewind!

Do a normal pop shove-it, but try to catch the board towards the nose with your index finger. Do a frontside revert upon landing and ride away switch.

This is a cool trick that has quite a bit going on, but is actually pretty simple to do. Follow these steps.

Step 1: Finger Positioning

Finger positioning will be exactly the same as it is for a shove-it. Middle finger over the tail and index finger in the middle of the deck.

Step 2: Popping The Trick

Pop it the same as you would pop a normal shove-it, with your middle finger pressing the tail down and scooping it around.

Step 3: Catch The Board And Land

Keep in mind that you want to land nose heavy. So as the board spins under your fingers, bring your whole hand forward so that you can catch the deck with your index finger over the nose.

Step 4: Revert

As you land, slightly press the nose down with your index finger and do a frontside revert. Turn your entire hand away from you. Ride away with your middle finger in front.

Final Thoughts

This trick is also called a shove-it revert, since that’s exactly what you’re doing. To help with the revert, bend your index finger to allow for your middle finger to reach all the way around.