How To Kickflip Underflip On A Fingerboard

The kickflip underflip is one of the hardest tricks in both the skating and the fingerboarding world. This article can’t be written without stating that it was originally invented by the legend Rodney Mullen.

To kickflip underflip, pop a kickflip like normal. Hold your index finger off to the side. As the deck comes around, flick the underside of the rail up to flip it back the other way. Catch the board as if you were catching a heelflip.

This trick is simple in theory but very hard in practice. If you’re up for it, here are the steps.

Step 1: Finger Positioning

Position your fingers the same way you would for a kickflip.

Step 2: Pop The Kickflip

Snap the tail of the board down and drag your front finger up. Flick it off the corner of the nose closest to you to initiate the kickflip. After flicking, curl your index finger back and hold it off to the side so you can do the underflip.

Step 3: Do the Underflip

Watch the deck come around. Right when the bolts come around and you would normally catch a kickflip, flick the underside of the rail with your index finger to flip it back the other way.

Step 4: Catch The Board And Land

At this point you should be holding both fingers over the deck as it flips back around. Catch it the same way you’d catch a heelflip and ride away a boss.

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t seen footage of Rodney Mullen doing underflips, then get on that! It’ll give you an idea of the technicality of this trick… it’s also really fun to watch him skate.