How To Double Impossible On A Fingerboard

A double impossible is exactly what the name implies, an impossible where the board flips around your back finger twice.

Pop this trick with your middle finger down on the tail, harder than a regular impossible. Peel your index finger back, and curl your ring finger into your hand to allow the board to flip freely. After one rotation, scoop your middle finger under to flip it again.

Read on for a step-by-step guide, as there are some subtle nuances to this trick.

Step 1: Finger Positioning

The finger positioning is the same as it is for an impossible. Middle finger on the tail, index finger somewhere on the middle of the deck.

Step 2: Pop The Trick

Pop it just as you would pop an impossible, but flick the tail down a little harder to initiate a higher and faster flip, you’ll want a little more height. Remember to peel your index finger back and curl your ring finger into your hand so they are out of the way of the board as it spins.

Step 3: Scoop The Second Flip

Allow the board to do one flip, same as you would an impossible. However, after the first flip allow the board to keep going until it’s vertical. At that point, scoop your middle finger under and up again to get the second flip.

Step 4: Catch The Board And Land

Watch as the board comes around for the second time, place both your index and middle fingers back on the deck and stomp it down.

Final Thoughts

It’s different than say, a double kickflip where you just flick the board a little harder. The second flip of the impossible needs another scoop of the middle finger to get it around. It will take a bit of practice to get the feel for where to hold your middle finger and when to scoop.