How To 540 Flip A Fingerboard

After the Ollie 360, it’s impossible to any higher degree ollie spins on a fingerboard. Our arms just don’t turn like that.

Instead, in fingerboarding, we let the board do the spinning. Higher degree spins are usually done on ramps and are flicked much like 360 flips or shove its, but with more air and a harder flick, you can get more rotation.

To go 540, make sure you’ve mastered the 360 flip, and find yourself a ramp or bank.

Step 1: Finger Placement

Finger positioning here is the same as it is for a 360 flip. If you’re doing the trick on a ramp, come up the wall on a slight angle. Position your arm, wrist, and hand such that they’re all straight and lined up with the ramp.

Step 2: Popping The Trick

Pop the trick just as you would a 360 flip. Depending on how much air you get off the ramp, you may want to flick it a little harder.

Step 3: Catching The Board And Landing

Follow the arc of the board through the air with your hand. Watch for the 360, and then let it rotate one final 180 before catching the bolts and stomping it down.

Final Thoughts

Again, a “traditional” ollie 540 is just not possible on a finger board, at least not until someone breaks the laws of physics… until then, follow the steps above to learn the 540 flip.