How To 360 Flip

A 360 flip is a more advanced trick that involves combining both a pop shove it and a varial kickflip. Because a varial kickflip already combines a kickflip with a pop shove it, a 360 flip simply adds one more pop shove it. This means you will be flipping the board one full spin while performing a double pop shove it, where instead of rotating the board 180 degrees or one-half turn, you are rotating the board 360 degrees or one full turn. Knowing how to kickflip, pop shove it, and varial kickflip will help you master the 360 flip with ease. Here’s how to 360 flip on a fingerboard.

Step 1: Finger placement

Like the kickflip, pop shove it, and varial kickflip, you will position your front finger (index finger) somewhere between the center of the board and just behind the front four screws. Position your back finger (middle finger) on the tail of the board.

Step 2: Popping the board

You will pop the tail of the board down with your back finger just like you would with a varial kickflip. However, you will need to pop the board down a little bit harder to get more air during this trick to allow for the additional half rotation.

Step 3: Flipping and scooping the board

The challenging part of this trick is getting the board to make a full rotation or 360-degree rotation. To get the board to rotate a full 360 degrees, you need to pop the tail down hard while also scooping the board toward you faster. While you are scooping the board, you must also perform a kickflip by sliding and flicking the board on the side of the nose closest to you with your front finger. The board might spin crazily the first few times you attempt this trick, but the trick is scooping just fast enough to get the board to rotate one full turn.

Step 4: Landing the trick

Because the board is spinning and rotating more, it will be more difficult to catch the board and land the trick. Practice makes perfect. Once the board is just about finished with one full rotation or a 360-degree turn as well as a full spin or flip, catch the board with both fingers on the grip and land the board on all four wheels.

Final thoughts

This trick is easy to lose control over, and the additional half-rotation of the added shuvit makes this trick challenging. Think about the varial kickflip you’ve landed before, and try to understand that you are only adding one more half-rotation, which requires you to scoop a little faster while also getting a little more air by popping the tail down a little harder. Mastering this trick makes it easier to perform more advanced tricks that require multiple combinations.