Nollie Spins On A Fingerboard

You don’t necessarily need to get all the ollie spins down before learning them in nollie. In fact, you may find some easier to do in nollie stance.

Spin tricks are essentially the same from nollie stance, the only difference being that they are popped from the nose. This article will quickly breakdown the following tricks:

  • Nollie 180
  • Nollie 360
  • Nollie 540 flip and above

So here we go, starting with the nollie 180.

Nollie 180

This trick is nearly identical to the ollie 180. You should have a regular nollie down first. From there, pop it the same as a nollie, but when leveling out, turn your entire arm and wrist the same as you would for an ollie 180.

To help with the rotation, bend your index finger when you land.

Nollie 360

Similar to the ollie 360, you’ll need to start with your hand facing you and your elbow out in front of you. This is already an awkward position, so getting your index finger on the nose may be tricky.

Pop the nollie and as you level out with your middle finger, start to turn your wrist away from you. Once you make the first 180, finishing the spin and landing should feel the same as the ollie 360.

Nollie 540+

Again, in fingerboarding, all spins 540 and above are “flip” tricks. These tricks will be the same as ollie spins, but popped off the nose. So instead of flicking with your middle finger off the tail, you’ll be flicking the board with your index finger.

These tricks will be tougher on ramps because flicking off the nose doesn’t necessarily follow the arc of the ramp, you can compensate for this with a little more speed. It would also be helpful to learn nollie 360-flips before jumping into 540 and up.