How To 360 Ollie A Fingerboard

Ollie spins are tricky (impossible) on fingerboards.  The 360 is the highest degree of rotation you can get that actually mimics skateboarding.

Wrist and arm stance is key, as you need to face your hand towards you to initiate the trick.  Otherwise, pop this trick the same as a 180, but bend your wrist and middle finger at the end.

Once you’re above 360 you really can’t spin your wrist around that many times.  That said, here are the steps for a 360.

Step 1: Finger Positioning

Finger positioning is the same as an ollie.  Twist your arm and wrist so that your fingernails are facing you.  If you’re right-handed, your middle finger will be on the tail, and the board will move from left to right.

Step 2: Popping The Trick

Pop this the same as an ollie 180.  Turn your wrist the same as you would turn it for a backside 180, away from your body.  If anyone figures out how to do this frontside, let us know.

Step 3: Completing The Spin

Level out the board the same way you level out a 180. At this point your wrist, hand, and arm will be in a neutral position.  Keep turning your wrist until it can’t go anymore.  Then bend your middle finger and extend your index finger to finish the spin and land.

Final Thoughts

This is a very difficult trick to do on a fingerboard because it’s just not natural.  It takes a really flexible wrist to stomp this one.